Developer description

Reserve Order Pay is a totally unique and one of a kind mobile app that connects you with local partnered restaurants and allows you the convenience of making reservations, ordering from the menu and paying the bill all from within the app, all while earning ROP points with every ROP completed cycle. Reserve Order Pay is the perfect app for eliminating unnecessary waiting time and streamlining your dining experience. No longer will you have to wait to be seated, place an order and pay the bill. Reserve Order Pay is designed to vastly reduce or eliminate overall waiting time, confusion and unnecessary communication.
How It Works:

Once you’ve registered and logged in. You will be directed to the “List” screen where you will be given nearest restaurant available in radius of 20 miles from your current location. Each restaurant will have available times shown in red that you simply select to make a reservation. Simply select desired date and time of the restaurant you would like a reservation at, then select the number of guests on the restaurant’s reservation screen and click the submit button.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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