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You developed a great app but no one takes notice? You don’t have a big budget for app ... More

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Published 27 Sep 2011

So, you've developed this brilliant app and you've spent most of your project budget already and don't have a lot left to splash out on developing and marketing your precious baby. What do you do now to take it to  the next level. You think you've done all the hard work but really this is where it begins. Resonity is an iPhone review tool that will help put your treasured app in front of it's developer community to expose it and collect the feedback you need to propel it forwards.
Resonity has a powerful and experienced community of experts and developers who will download, test drive and review your app and then release their information into the great wide world. You can use the reliable and honest feedback to test the true quality of your app and to decide if there really is a place for it in the weird and wonderful world of the iPhone app. After you download the iphone app you register your app, and for every app you review one person downloads and reviews your app. You receive 3 reviews for free along with the Resonity App to test the service. For each additional 2,99 EUR Resonity organizes 10 more reviews of your app by other app developers. That means less than 30 Cents per review. It's fair as you receive as many reviews as you are providing or you get your money back!  It's smart as you receive true and valuable feedback from other developers selected by Resonity's intelligent algorithm. What's more it's easy to download the Resonity app, register, start to deliver & collect reviews right away.

It's the same with all manufacturing, I guess. You've made an app that is better than sliced bread and nobody gets to see it. It must have happened a thousand times before and will happen a thousand times again. Resonity is a very useful iPhone review tool that will help put your app in the spotlight and will give you the opportunity to achieve bigger and better things. It's cheap, it's easy to use. I mean, what's not to like?

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