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Resoomay enables recruiters to evaluate potential hires by allowing them to submit ... More

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Published 3 Oct 2011

Employment services seem to be the boom industry of the noughties. But some are better than others. With most of them seem to be fairly anonymous organizations that make you feel you are just one fish in a very big sea though. What you really need if you are a jobseeker is the chance to shine a little bit brighter than the rest of the applicants. Likewise, if you are an employer, the last thing you want is to have to wade through heaps of identical resumes looking for the perfect applicant. You want the cream to rise to the top. With Resoomay employers can evaluate potential hires by allowing them to submit position-specific interview questions that applicants answer on video.
Resoomay is a cloud based job search efficiency tool for business that offers a new way of screening potential job applicants. Applicants can be quizzed on video with job specific questions as well as the normal resumes enabling them  to make an even more informed decision on a candidate's ability to do the job. You can create custom questions for every interview you make. Candidates apply for your job opening by taking the interview that's been created by you. Now see how well candidates communicate and understand your business before the in-office meeting. It can also be used geographically by allowing recruiters to promote positions across social media sites and monitor submission analytics to determine where the most promising applicants reside. Employers and hirers can...