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Published 9 Oct 2012

When it comes to project management applications Resource Guru is one of the easiest and fastest on the market. In the recent past, FeedMyApp has reviewed some great project management apps like MYCO Suite, Bitrix24, At Task and 100 Efforts that all have their own personalities. What Resource Guru offers is the ability to stand back and look at the big picture of your projects while giving you a more efficient and profitable method of scheduling your projects, clients, meetings and equipment with total visibility and all in one place.
Resource Guru is the fastest and simplest way to schedule everything to do with your business. You can add, edit, move and delete bookings in seconds and delivers full team visibility on one clever coordinated calendar that you can share across the whole company so that you can see what everyone is working on. Whether it be projects, clients or meetings Resource Guru keeps everything in one place and the unique "availability bar" helps you maximize utilization by scheduling tentative bookings with no fear of clashes. Your staff tend to be happier and more productive when they can log in and start the day knowing exactly what they should be working on that week and the personal dashboards allow them to do just that. With individual logins, project managers can make bookings simultaneously with no chance of stepping on each other’s toes. And, if you need to adjust the schedule while you are out and about or in a meeting it's not a problem as the app has been designed to play nicely with the iPad and other mobile devices.
Resource Guru's main aim as a project management application is to make your business dealings more efficient and more profitable. What it delivers is all your projects, people and events on one simple, easy to use calendar which is shared with your whole staff meaning everyone knows what is going on. Being a 'software as a service' app there are no downloads required and, at around twenty bucks a month, it could be the cost effective answer to your scheduling needs. So if you are still scheduling your company's business on spreadsheets it might be a more sensible idea to more into the 21st century and adopt a more modern and efficient approach.

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