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Various reasons why most of the users prefer MS Excel for storing their stuff is due to its large storage capacity and provide excellent features for storage including formulas for calculation and maintaining pivot tables for keeping contacts, Websites, Address, Email id etc. Apart from this Excel sheet are easily can be converted into portable format, i.e. you can convert XLSX files to VCF or vCard format that can be imported to your handheld devices. In the above section we have talk about Excel importance. Now the question arises what if, XLSX file got corrupt or become inaccessible. There is manual procedure inbuilt in Excel 2003 and latest versions that will help users to recover corrupt Excel file. But it will require complete Excel knowledge by the users. On the hand does not ensure safe and complete recovery results.

User Issues regarding corrupt Excel XLSX file
Sometimes user keeps on saving large amount of data in Excel file without giving attention to the previous files that was saved before. And after long time when the need arises to fetch those files, users finds it is difficult to access. The most difficult situation is when you don’t have backup for those corrupt Excel files. Excel file got damaged due to following reasons- Bad hard disk sector, Virus attack on system makes it error prone, Sudden system shutdown, cancelling program abruptly etc. Now the need arises of how to restore corrupt Excel file? Sometimes it might be possible that while restoring XLSX files meta content changes. Therefore, we require such an application that can restore corrupt Excel file with no data loss.

Solution for How to restore Corrupt Excel File

XLSX recovery tool is a promising application assures safe XLSX recovery. Some of the features of XLSX recovery tool are:

Use of highly advanced algorithms for scanning purpose. These algorithms runs recursively in order to scan corrupt XLSX file.
* Ensure Quick Excel Recovery
* Single Panel utility
* Cost effective with Simple GUI
* Restore corrupt Excel file at users specified location

Through this article user’s knowledge is enriched via XLSX recovery tool that will surely going to help the out in order to recover corrupt Excel file. The tool will cost only $49 for personal license and $199 only for business license.

Last updated 4 May 2013

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