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Resunate was engineered to aid both the job seeker and the employer. For the job seeker, ... More

Editor's review

Published 27 Sep 2011

Resunate was designed to offer intelligent help to both employers and jobseekers. In these troubled times its more important than ever for the employer to find the right person for the position. It's of even more importance to the jobseeker to be seen of as near the top of the pack when applying for a new position. Unlike most other job tools, Resunate allows jobseekers the chance to see how their resume matches up to the positions that may be available.
Built on a new semantic engine, Resunate features a new tool known as the JobFocus™ Score which allows users to compare their resume with any other job in the database. For the jobseeker Resunate is a free service that gives you the  same information as the employer by utilizing the reverse engineered applicant tracking system. It's just a question of entering a job description and then seeing how your own resume matches up against the requirements. For the employer Resunate can offer companies a new approach through Semantic Intelligence which allows pre-screening results in better crafted and more relevant applications. With the new Resunate Apply widget companies enable job candidates to upload and create a resume through Resunate and scan it against the job description to ensure relevant applicants and tailored resumes. It also helps the employer receive resumes in a standard format.

There are so many employment services around these days it seems it's the new boom business to get involved in. Most of them offer a similar sort of more personalized service to your normal "High Street" equivalent. But it's the ability of the jobseeker to access the same information as the employer that sets it apart from the others. This will encourage more users and the database of jobseekers will get bigger making it more attractive to potential employers wanting a bigger applicant pond to choose from. Resunate is an easy to use and very useful job tool that both sides should investigate.

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