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When searching for the next place to call home, there are many "hidden issues" that are ... More

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Published 22 Feb 2015

If you are anything like me when you rent a new property, the first place you'll head for is the shower. For me, if there's good water pressure and it stays hot for a while then I'm half way there. Unfortunately, that methodology has let me down a few times because water pressure could well be the least of your problems. Revaluate is a free property data and review application for home buyers, renters, real estate agents and brokers that delivers all the pluses and minuses of a property that you might be interested in. At the moment, the app is limited to addresses in Manhattan but the developers are planning to expand to many other major cities soon.
Whether you are looking for your next home to buy or just youre on the hunt for a new place to rent, there are often many "hidden issues" that are almost impossible to know about unless you do a lot of research. It could be anything from pest or vermin problems to excessive traffic noise or whether the landlord has a good reputation in responding to maintenance requests? But then there are other things like whether the area is safe for your family and children.  It would be useful to know what the utility expenses are and whether there are any benefits from things like solar paneling that may offset some of the costs? Revaluate provides information on these and many other issues to help homebuyers...