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It's time to wake up, Mr Bond

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Calendar reminders in your own voice. No need to type. The easiest and fastest way to create ... More

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Published 6 May 2012

I'm sure I saw a movie a few years ago where, instead of a morning alarm buzzer going off, it was the voice of the guy in the bed saying "Good morning, it's time to get up and have breakfast." Oh, hang on, maybe that was Austin Powers. Anyway, Voice Reminders for iPad is that very same thing I was describing. It is an iPad reminder and organization application that delivers timely reminder, whether it be a simple alarm clock or reminding you to take the trash out, and delivers it in your own voice.
Voice Reminders quite simply gives you calendar reminders and serves them up with your own voice. There is no need to type and it is the easiest and fastest way to create calendar reminders. You can create calendar reminders by recording in your own voice or by taking a picture of something. However, if you are having a luddite moment, you can just type it in as usual.  Alternatively, you can make your life easier with this voice 'to-do' list. Simply speak your personal memo or take a picture, set the time and date and be reminded in your voice using your own words with no need to type any text.
Using Apple's local notification technology, VoCal fuses a Dictaphone, Calendar and Alarm system into one to provide a quicker and more accurate result than by typing. Voice Reminders makes a personal memo quick, easy and naturally has no spelling mistakes! From everyday ‘to do’ lists to repeating annual reminders, VoCal will prompt you for any task or duty in your life and your alerts are delivered even when the app is closed! Voice Reminders now includes a ‘snooze’ feature.
Let's face it, Voice Reminders for iPad is a deliciously decadent organization application. But not only will it make you look seriously cool to the person who you slept with last night but it is also a great little functioning tool. It'll remind you of all the things you need to do as well as being an early morning wake up tool - and all from your mobile. So if you feel you are ready to get rid of all those post-it's hanging around the place and want to rid yourself of the early morning wake up call you could have a lot of very cool fun with Voice Reminders.

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