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Published 3 Apr 2014

If you rely on the random views of the general public for reviews on your brand or business you can be taking your business' life in your hands. If your are as good as you say you are, you will come away with some good feedback but you will also get some stinkers. They say that two percent of people will always find something to complain about. It would be better if you could direct people to a central station so that the main core of your customer feedback and reviews can be viewed together in one place and you can have some control over them. ReviewRouter is a state-of-the-art advertising and marketing app for business that actively encourages reviews and feedback to get more attention (and more reviews) for your business listings.
If you are worried about your company's online reviews and don't believe your services are getting the attention they deserve by reviewers then its well worth taking a look at ReviewRouter. Its aim is to turbo-charge your online presence by enabling and encouraging customer feedback, resulting in more online reviews and better ratings. Sign up quickly, create a profile with your basic business information, pick your design page preferences and your business listing URL's and you can begin routing your online reviews and start taking control of your online reputation in minutes. You will be able to customize everything about your profile page from the images and design colors to the textual content and titles. Each profile also includes a rating widget with a review form to collect feedback from your customers. Then it’s just a question of adding contacts, setting up a campaign and getting your customers to visit and rate your business using your ReviewRouter profile. The app provides a great set of tools to help you including web widgets, email invitations and QR code cards. When someone gives your business a rating using your profile page, they are directed to the correct page depending on your routing logic settings.
ReviewRouter is one of those apps that gives smaller business the chance to compete on a level playing field with their bigger brothers but at a fraction of the price that those businesses will pay. The end result is to improve the online presence of your business as well as giving you more feedback and reviews in your inbox. You can view, manage and respond to your customer reviews via your panel and also receive email alerts for new actions. The easy-to-use app is compatible with all your devices  - laptops, phones and tablets - and its loaded with a heap of powerful features to make sure your reviews do you justice. You can try it now on a 30-day free trial and see what it can do for you.

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