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Rewindy is the first visual storysharing service.

A visual story is a beautiful and personal ... More

Editor's review

Published 24 Jul 2012

Much as I love it when my friends put personal photos up there is something so much better when they are accompanied by a bit of a spiel to tell us viewers the circumstances of the event. A picture of a beach is a picture of a beach no matter how photogenic it is but if you knew that it was the place where your friends saw dolphins in the water and had a romantic picnic then it changes the whole scenario. Rewindy is a photoshare app that turns into a storytelling app by allowing you to create a visual story of your photos accompanied by some personal thoughts about the time and place.
Rewindy is all about sharing stories with friends. People are interested in and remember stories and this social photoshare app makes telling a story as easy as sharing photos and as memorable as sharing that story face to face. It is the first visual storytelling app that lets you rewind to your life's special moments. A visual story is a beautiful and personal way of sharing life events like travel, family or hobby events. It is a new format where you combine photos with your story and tell what happened behind the scenes. Rewindy aims to recreate a similar experience to sharing your photos whilst sitting on a sofa and telling the small but interesting stories that lie behind every photo in your photo album. You can share the story privately to a few friends using email or do it more publicly using Facebook or Twitter.
Rewindy is a lovely way to share your photo stories with friends by creating attractive photo spreads accompanied by a short story to go with them. Good storytelling with pictures is a bit like sports commentary to me. You should describe what's not in the picture rather than what is in it. Everybody loves a good story and, if you can illustrate it with a photo, it's all the better. Rewindy is an easy to use free photoshare app with a social bent that is fun to use and creates great memories to share with your friends

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