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Published 20 Jan 2012

[cont'd] locate the right lawyer for the job based on location and the type of case involved. You can even compare and evaluate the services of individual lawyers as well as their specific pricing structures to give you more control and choice. On the other hand, individuals, small businesses and in-house counsel are all looking for the same thing - a lawyer that knows their needs and concerns. If you are a businesses it may be important for your potential legal representative to know your industry.
RFPattorney is a very professional looking legal market app that is kept safe and secure in the cloud. It's very simple to use and signing up and first presence is absolutely free. There are no downloads or software to install. It does offer a viable solution to the neverending problem of who to hire for the delicate business of representing your best interests in the legal field.  It also opens it's doors to new lawyers to sign up and offer their special take on their legal capabilities so it does it's bit for the job market too. If you are a lawyer it could be the best way to advertise yourself or your blog or presentations. If you are a lawyer or someone who is looking for one...RFPattorney will save you a lot of time and, potentially, a lot of money.