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Published 9 Jul 2013

For one reason or another there are more and more parents pulling their kids out of the regular school routine to teach them at home. Its more often when they are younger rather than later in life but it's a growing trend that can't be ignored. Many live in outlying communities and it's not feasible or, in some cases, not possible to get to a school. So, homeschool is a great alternative as well as much as it is for the many that have decided to drop out of the system and reckon they can do it just as well or better themselves. However, even though you are doing it yourself, it doesn't mean that you can't get a little organization into your homeschool environment. Rhino SchoolTracker is a home education application that gives you a great set of tools to help you manage all aspects of your home school.
Rhino SchoolTracker provides a comprehensive set of tools to offer you a complete management system for your homeschool and help you to stay better organized. There are tools that let you track your students' records with ease using simple, intuitive software. More tools let you add students, construct courses, map out lesson plans, organize terms and - do it quickly and easily. The built-in gradebook allows you to record grades for all of your assignments. With Rhino SchoolTracker, you can also generate many types of reports and transcripts in standard PDF format ready to be...