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RhythmData is an easy to use online database that allows you to track two or more related things ... More

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Published 3 Oct 2011

RhythmData is an easy to use organize collaboration tool for the non-technical user that enables you to build a custom online database and, more importantly, track two or more related things. So...what does that mean, you ask? Well, let's say you wanted to establish a relationship between your students on the one hand and their test scores on the other. RhythmData allows the user to establish a relationship between the two sets of records with minimal setup and expertise.
RhythmData allows you to build a custom online database application to work with exactly the information you need to work with. It is web-based and therefore easy to allow other team-members to add, edit and update information and supports relationships between types of records (it is a relational database) such as the students/test scores we were interested in.
So how does RhythmData work. For a start it works in a similar way to Google Docs spreadsheet application. However, a spreadsheet is a single table database and has a few limitations. Once it has many columns it becomes unwieldly to work with. If you need to maintain two spreadsheets that should be related (such as students and test scores), Google Docs doesn't support relationships between records. You have to manually make sure the student name is spelled consistently in both spreadsheets and its not easy to filterand search, etc. It is at this point that a database like RhythmData is usually the best option to use.