Developer description

The essence of the game is using a ball (asteroid), knock out all the simple coloured shapes with one blow using different game objects. Playing in “Ricochet” you will develop spatial thinking, in the same way you will recall geometry. Solving not simple tasks, your brain will kick the nervous system in requests to break the phone and finish it. Only units will be enough logic and the ability to calculate the trajectory to reach the end.

I beg you not to kick much for lags or errors. This is the first release and in the near future there will be more changes:
— I swear to add more levels.
— I swear that all bugs found by you or me will be fixed.
— I swear to read every letter and answer every review.
— Also, maybe there will be another arcade mode, but here I do not swear.

Design :
The game is drawn in pseudo-comic style. What for? I just like it.

Music :
The track, like all sounds, is taken from
Track author: Andrewkn
Track Link:

Contacts :
For any questions, write to [email protected], we have not a big studio and not a lot of staff (me and my fictional friend Slavik) so the answer will not be instant.
Thank you.

Last updated 25 Jan 2019

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