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Do you watch more movies then you can ever remember? Have you ever wanted a better way to ... More

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Published 10 Aug 2013

There used to be a time when books like Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide and Moviehound were certainties to be found on the bookshelves of many homes around the world. But the last ten years or so has seen the growth of online content over the printed book and it's now far more convenient to search online than it is to try to find the book. The emergence of the app has made it an even more user friendly experience. Rinema is a movie review and recommendation application that is perfect for both the casual viewer and the film buff.
Rinema is a beautifully organized film app that serves as your personal movie guide - with benefits. Maybe you watch more movies then you can ever remember or you need a better way to discover new and similar movies to your favorites. You might have a penchant for obscure indie films and international cinema? Rinema allows you to rate, review and generally keep track of all the movies that you watch...or want to watch. Organize your viewing into custom collections and lists and discover new movies through personalized recommendations or by browsing through famous lists like ones created by movie legend Roger Ebert, Quentin Tarantino's favourites, Oscar winners, AfI's 100 greatest movies and more. Alternatively, check out some of the awesome movie lists created by other users or create your own. Add, rate, review, tag and link or simply mark a movie as "watched" or "to...