Developer description

RingMeMaybe generates US phone numbers and enables free wifi calling and texting. No need to buy a second phone or an additional SIM card, with RingMeMaybe a new phone number is just a tap away and can be used for:
-Business, to start a second line

-Privacy, on dating websites, online marketplaces such as Ebay and Craigslist
-International use, when abroad to get a US phone number and get around the roaming fees.
RingMeMaybe offers an ad sponsored model, which allows users to get free credits.

RingMeMaybe features include:

• Generate real US phone numbers from anywhere in the world (10 credits per number)
• Manage profiles and caller identification with tags on the RingMeMaybe numbers
• Free inbound messaging and calls (outbound messaging and calls available on a credit basis)
• Voicemail with a visual interface including missed call history
• Delete phone numbers and block callers
• “Pause” a number for any amount of time and redirect calls to voicemail
• Postpone the expiration date on disposable numbers beyond the allotted one week with "Add Time"
• Offer Wall to earn free credits with ad partners to use the app free of charge
• Works entirely over data: wifi, LTE, 4g or 3g connection

Last updated 13 Sep 2015

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