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Developer description

Ringo (www.ringo.co) is an international calling mobile app that uses a unique call flow to provide best-in‐class call quality. The app provides consumers with the lowest rates and a simple user interface that makes international calls a snap. Ringo is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

How does Ringo work?

Ringo uses local phone networks to connect calls delivering the highest possible call quality. At no point does the call depend on the Internet. Once you download and install Ringo, you can make international calls to any of your international contacts instantly.

Ringo’s refreshing change to what is available today makes it a best-­‐in-­‐class option. There are three things that make us different from competitors:

- Our service is affordable – consumers can save up to 25% on every call made through Ringo in comparison to VoIP based calling apps. Ringo’s prices are a fraction of traditional carrier prices.

- Higher quality – because Ringo uses reliable telephone networks instead of the internet, consumers can rest assured that calls will be of the same high quality as those made through their carrier networks.

- Simplicity and ease – Ringo is a very easy to use app for making international calls and does not require wifi or good internet connectivity to be available.

Last updated 20 Jun 2014

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