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You've got a sweet apartment in a trendy part of the city - you love everything about it, except ... More

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Published 17 Mar 2013

If you could choose your own sound for your apartment or house buzzer I wonder what you might choose? Personally, I'd go for something like Lionel Ritchie's "Hello" or maybe Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell" but the point is, when the rest of your place is immaculate and built to your specifications,  it would be nice to have a buzzer system that you want rather than the one that comes with your apartment when you take possession of the keys. Ringo is a new phone and security application that not only personalizes your buzzer system but then adds value by giving you multiple intercom codes and PINs, keyless entry and an intercom worthy of the 21st Century.
You've got a sweet apartment in a trendy part of the city and love everything about it except that intercom system here's an easy way to solve the problem. With an app like Ringo, you can make your buzzer work just the way you want it. When you sign up with Ringo, you get a brand new number in an area code of your choice to give to your landlord or superintendent for the buzzer system. As it stands at the moment, many of these systems are old and out of date and restricts calls to area codes that it doesn't recognize. With Ringo, you can pick the area code you want and have it forward to any number you like.  If you live with roommates, you can use the forwarding mode to have your intercom dial each of you at the same time. So there's no more fighting over who gets the buzzer phone! You can add and remove forwarding numbers quickly and easily. Using the gatekeeper mode, you can have a security system right at your intercom with PIN entry codes for you and your friends. If you are heading out of town and need someone to feed your pets for a while, you can just give them a temporary PIN code and they can let themselves into the building and you can disable the code when you get back. If you often buzz yourself in, you can make sure a dead battery or a misplaced cell phone doesn't ruin your day. For the ultimate in convenience, you can set up your number to use concierge mode, which gives you the multi-phone forwarding capability, as well as the option to enter your PIN code as well. This is great for when you're just stepping outside or are heading out for a run and don't want to be bothered with taking your keys or your mobile with you. If you've ever lost or forgotten your keys after a night out, then the concierge mode is a lifesaver! Ringo is free to try for the first month and the only US$3.99 a month to use after that.
Yeah sure, it could probably be considered a little decadent, but it's funny that little things can annoy so much and Ringo provides a answer to the intercom and buzzer problem very neatly. It provides individual buzzers for each of your roommates as well as a quality intercom system to give you greater flexibility. If you are one of those people that seem to regularly lose their keys after a big night out then this is an app for you because it provides a simple keyless entry system. Current coverage is restricted to North America but both Europe and Australia are coming soon. Ringo is a reliable and safe way of keeping your apartment secure yet giving you the flexibility to get in and out - with or without keys.

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