Developer description

Ringya is the first mobile app that effortlessly transforms paper contact lists, such as class lists, office directories, sports teams, clubs, associations and more, into smart mobile lists by simply snapping a photo. The free app puts entire contact lists at your fingertips so you can easily call, text or email individuals or groups of contacts that wouldn’t have added one-at-a-time to your address book.

Ringya Key Benefits:
• Puts all those phone numbers you often tack onto your fridge door or bulletin board into your smartphone – literally in a snap, with zero effort.
• Saves time and stress from scrambling to find a contact list within email archives because your work, class or team contacts are right at your fingertips.
• Provides instant access to people you need to contact but otherwise wouldn’t have added, one at a time, to your personal address book.
• Ability to share contact lists with teams and group members in one easy step.
• Presents a simple way to communicate with individuals or entire groups via email, text messaging and phone calls.
• Contextual caller ID shows who’s calling you and how they fit into your world (eg. Sally Jones, VP Sales, Max Sales Team) (eg. John Smith, Jane Smith’s Father, Oak View 2nd Grade).
• Stringent security technology and policies protects users and list members.
• Absolutely no third party distribution of user information.

Last updated 23 Feb 2013