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A beautiful interactive storybook for children

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Published 8 Nov 2012

[cont'd] factor.' There are two reading modes - children can either have you read the book to them (you can even record your voice and be your own narrator) or there is a read and play mode where you can touch and drag elements and rotate the screen. Finally, in each scene a secrets counter shows you what still remains to be discovered. Discover them and win your prize!
Given the popularity of tablets like iPad I'm surprised we don't see more of the interactive children's storybook as it really is the perfect way to display them. Rita, the Lizard is an absolutely gorgeous and very colorful storybook app with hundreds of different elements to it. Not only will children love it but it even has enough going for to keep most parents interested after the umpteenth read through. It's not just the images that are important in a children's book though, is it? And Rita, the Lizard has a charming and inspirational story about the value of friendship and personal identity that will delight both child and adult reader.