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Discover tags and content, too.

Discover the hashtags/tags/categories/topics to associate created content with - all on one page, based on the no. of times the tags (and “topics,” etc.) have been used. Registered users select to see tags, users and content only for the networks they share content for or wish to discover content in. RiteTag streamlines the process of finding the best tags to go with content to be shared, embracing the unique tagging constraints of numerous important content-sharing networks, including Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr... and many more.

“Content?” What types of content?

Microblogged content (tweets, mainly), videos, photos, slideshows, presentations, podcasts, music and audio files are all types of content widely shared on social networks, and to every extent possible, the most utilized, farthest-reaching networks will be integrated into RiteTag. As for articles, there are just so many blogging platforms, categories and tags that usually are not followed (even by those who follow blog .rss’), and since articles are shared to social networks, RiteTag focuses on tags in Twitter and the many other networks people share on. In our first iteration of RiteTag, if you search for two words, we provide content that includes both words, whether they are tags or simply words included in the content. We may change this, but in our own testing, we like what we discover within the stats tabs, whether you search for one word and select a tag or search for two, select and tag, and see content containing the tag and the two words searched.

Stay tuned: For our latest updates, changes, and ideas on using RiteTag to its fullest, follow and talk with @RiteTag on Twitter.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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