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No need to hire a team of financial planners when this app will do the same thing

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Published 7 May 2019

[cont'd] stuff you'll need to take your financial planning to the next level. It'll give you a monthly 'actual' profit and loss statement as opposed to your projected and budgeted profit and loss with comparisons between the two. You'll also get complex, interrelated datasets to determine employee productivity. To make life easy for the decision makers, RMI Insights delivers accurate and easy-to-read-and-use visual reports, dashboards and diagrams in a flash. 

RMI Insights allows your company's investors and executives to better understand and manage their business by quickly automating all their monthly financial planning and analysis functions. This gives them access to the same information that the top Fortune 500 companies get but without the need to hire a team of experts to achieve it. You can even compare your business performance against other private and public companies to see the things you are doing right and the things you can improve upon. 

This RMI insights tool is used to help project how your business will perform for the next 1-5 years on a detailed monthly, quarterly and annual basis, as well as comparing those projections to actual results. It is delivered via a web platformwith everything you need under one roof, so to speak. The app serves as a real time gauge of your company that compares actual performance with target performance and gives you a better understanding of your company's true valuation - all in real time and at a fraction...