Developer description

After a long day of driving a big rig, you stop at a truck stop to bed down for the night. But then you realize your pen, which you need to fill out your logs, is missing. So you go into the truck stop to buy a pen, and guess what? It's $4.99 for the same pen that cost 3 for a dollar at Walmart.

RoadSwap is a trucker-to-trucker location based classified for people on the go. It tags the seller items with their device GPS. As the seller location changes, so does the item location.

Users can select search radius and see only listed items within their location. Sellers can select invisible mode when they don't want their location to show.

RoadSwap is free app and in addition to truckers, can be used by RVers, Travelers, or anyone who wants to buy, sell, or swap stuff on the go.

Last updated 29 Sep 2015

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