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Roadtrippers is a simple and intuitive road trip planner that helps you discover, plan and book ... More

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Published 18 Aug 2012

Regular readers of FeedMyApp will be well aware of our love of travel apps and the first look at this new social travel app Roadtrippers looks very promising. This simple and intuitive road trip planner is packed with great features to make your US roadtrip run smoother and makes you aware of the best places and experiences around you as you plan or continue your trip. Roadtrippers draws on local experts and travel writers to build a great travel guide.
Roadtrippers was developed by serial road trippers James and Tatiana Fisher who prefer to make their road trips an 'off-the-beaten-track' event rather than following the usual routes. They have a preference for stopping only at independent businesses where they can best discover local culture and history, meet more interesting people and receive the warmest US hospitality. Sometimes though, that’s easier said than done. Discovering all the hidden gems along your route can sometimes require hours of research and road trippers often find themselves juggling way too many websites, apps, books, and recommendations. Which is not really what is all about, is it? Your typical American road trip starts off with a general route but there are so many amazing things to do it can be much  more satisfying to discover things as you go and Roadtrippers gives you both options. Take it with you on the road and have a mobile platform that streamlines discovery, planning, booking and navigation into one beautifully designed experience. Book the best attractions and...