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Roam7 lets you easily plan trips with the help of your friends by automatically generating ... More

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Published 22 Nov 2012

How many Facebook friends do you have? I bet you have at least a hundred and maybe a whole lot more and I'm sure they travel all over the world and share their photos and the stories of those trips  with their friends. So why not take that concept to its logical conclusion by utilizing all that information they are sharing and use it to plan a trip of your own? Roam7 is a travel and review application that helps you choose your next vacation destination based on your friends' recommendations rather than on a travel guide written by 'experts' that you don't know and, more importantly, don't know you!
Roam7 lets you easily plan, explore and collaborate on vacation trips with the help of your friends by automatically generating travel advice from their vacation photo albums on Facebook. Its probably rare that friends will post comments to travel review sites but they will happily share their photos and memories on Facebook so it seems a great idea to use that content and the captions attached to see their travel stories. Roam7 automatically identifies and extracts these travel experiences and turns them into travel advice for you.  When you are planning a trip, the app tells you which of your friends have been to your potential destination before, where they stayed, their favorite restaurants and  what they did while they were there. Planning a trip on Roam7 is like having a travel guide written by...