Developer description

The first mobile app in the world to reduce roaming call costs by 90%!

What can you do using the Roamer app?
• Call from your usual number whenever you’re abroad with charges that are 10 times smaller than what’s on offer with other mobile operators.
make and receive calls using your usual number abroad by up to 90% cheaper than with roaming.
• Use local data plan to surf the internet.
• Specify departure time for your flight get a notification to “park” your number before take-off.
• Compare rates of Roamer and regular roaming calls to find out how much you’ll save.
• Find out where you can buy a SIM card in the country of your stay.
• Find out your current credit and add credit while being abroad.
• Make calls using existing entries in your contact list.
• Obtain a list of missed calls, their times and charges.

Roamer is the current most advantageous roaming solution!

Last updated 22 May 2013