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Roamz is an iPhone app that makes sense of social media noise in real time to show users ... More

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Published 6 Mar 2012

Roamz was featured as one of the Australian Business Review Weekly's top 10 start ups to watch recently. It's a clever little real time application for your mobile that shows the user completely up-to-date information of what's going on in your local area. It does this by gathering, collating and curating information from the social side of the Internet and delivering it to you based on your particular interests and preferences.
Roamz is a free iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that makes sense of social media noise in real time to show users up-to-date information about what is happening in their local area. It's a fast and smart app that intelligently curates the relevant content from the social side of the web giving you a personalised view of the world based on your individual preferences and interests. The result is a holistic view of the world around you, in real time, using information from Roamz as well as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram. While it is useful for locals to utilize Roamz to discover the social happenings in their local area it could be even more use for travelers new to the area. Imagine turning up in a new city and having to rely on the local media to find out what's really going on around you. It may be easy to find out if Elton is playing locally but if you want to discover some of the delights from the underbelly of...