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A survival app for when Bear Grills isnt around to rescue you

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Have you ever been in a situation- you know the kind- where you're miles from civilization, with ... More

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Published 5 Mar 2021

How many times do you read that some poor person has gone missing while walking in thick forest in some remote part of the country? You'd think that it wouldn't be much of a problem these days given the fact that most of us have a mobile phone strapped to our hands for much of the time but it does seem to happen on a regular basis. Lost? Simple! We can just check our GPS, call the authorities or call Bear Grills to come and rescue us pretty damned smart. The thing is, not only do mobiles run out of power pretty quickly but there are also plenty of places out there that have little or no mobile reception. So, that means that we might have to rely on our savvy and our survival skills to get us out safely.

So, how are your survivor skills these days anyway? Well, unless we've been to the Bear Grills survival school, I'm guessing that they are pretty average. Could we light a fire to keep us warm if we are out all night in freezing temperatures? What would we do if we were bitten by a snake or chased by a bear? How do we build a shelter? What can and can't we eat and drink? Thankfully, there's now an Android app that can act as your survival handbook so that you can learn the right things to do if you ever find yourself in a...