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A survival app for when Bear Grills isnt around to rescue you

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Published 5 Mar 2021

[cont'd] survival situation where your life is at risk.

Roebuck is a survival companion and memory aid that could be the thing that shows you how to tame the dangers of life in the wilderness. It will teach you some of the key skills that can become the difference between life and death. The app can demonstrate how to understand bushcraft, it will show you basic first aid in case of illness or injury, it will give you instructions on how to light a fire safely in tricky circumstances (and hopefully, prevent you from causing a forest fire,) teach you how to find food and water and it will give you an idea as to what to take with you in your backpack to ensure your survival. What's more, it teaches you how to memorize all the right things to do in a crisis. 

The app reinforces knowledge and learning by using quizzes to keep your survival skills at the top of its game and ensures that you always know exactly the right thing to do when things get tough out there. There's also sections that cater to mental health if you are lost including urban survival strategies and an in-depth analysis of the psychology and philosophy of the art of survival. Most importantly though, it helps you remember those skills when you need them most so that you can react efficiently and effectively to get out of any tight situations that may arise.