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A survival app for when Bear Grills isnt around to rescue you

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Published 5 Mar 2021

[cont'd] is one of those apps that you won't know you need it until you actually need it and then it can become a potential life saver. There's lots of practical information in the app as well as a lot of essential stuff that you'll need to know if you're going hiking. For example, you should never leave toothpaste out because the bears are attracted to it and, while bears do indeed shit in the woods, it's important to know where you should choose for your own ablutions. New modules reflecting the latest survival practises are added on a regular basis so you'll always know the up-to-date info on important new topics. Let's face it, Bear Grills probably isn't going to be there when you need him most. Roebuck is available now for Android in Google Play.