Developer description

Are you ready for a crazy ride on the Rolling Rapids? Jump, roll & splash your way around crocs, docks, snakes & rocks in this endless arcade water adventure!

Collect golden rubies to unlock incredibly fun characters like the Dragon, Pirate Ship, Jet Ski, Surfer Dude, Cruise Ship, Pink Dolphin, Rescue Raft, Big Blue Whale, Pirate Ship, Yellow Submarine, Sailboat and many more interesting and funny characters. All of these characters are incredibly wonderful, each with special animations. These can be unlocked by collecting the Golden Rubies that appear during the Gameplay. Hold On! Its not that easy...

The game includes loads of fun challenges and obstacles including snakes, rocks, crocs, docks, polar bears, piranha and more! You will face a lot during this adventurous water ride. Overcome the challenges and collect the maximum number of golden rubies to unlock special characters and earn the high score!


✓ Fun, detailed & polished cartoon graphics
✓ Smooth jump & roll-under-water controls
✓ Incredible characters and awesome obstacles, including snakes, crocodiles and bears!
✓ Addictive, fast paced and challenging gameplay!

“Rolling Rapids” is a very different and unique game, with very polished blocky graphics and easy gaming controls, which includes smooth jumping and rolling moves. The game experience is very addicting and interesting. The player needs to have quick reflexes and respond to the incoming challenges quickly in order to stay alive! This endless arcade game becomes even more tougher and challenging as the character goes on. The farther you get, the more incredible characters you can unlock, the higher you can climb up the leaderboard and the more rubies you can earn.

Players get ready! Put on all your gaming skills and enjoy the unlimited fun with this endless river arcade game. Be warned: you will never want to put the game down. Get on with this adventurous water riding journey now with “Rolling Rapids”!

Last updated 21 Sep 2016

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