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Rotate and tilt to get Mitt over the line this time

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Do you wish that Romney won the election? Show him your support and play Romney's Strike ... More

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Published 26 Nov 2012

Big Bird had better watch out his back! Because, with this fun little political game, you can change the result of the recent Presidential election won by Barack Obama and we know what that means for PBS programming and Sesame Street in particular. This simple rotate and tilt game for iPad features funny computer graphics and, by rolling the Mittster's head and collecting votes you can swing those important states his way and put the Republicans in the White House. However, if you hit scandals like his 47% comments or Chris Christie pulls the plug on your campaign at the last minute, you could be shot down in flames and ruin your chances of getting elected.
If you are one of those that wish that Mitt Romney had won the election you can show him your support, play Romney's Strike Back and try to change the result. What's more, you don't even have to change your policies for women, Hispanics and the African-American vote to achieve it because you just have to rotate and tilt your wonderfully user friendly iPad to collect valuable votes and win all 538 electoral votes. Some states were very close and Romney could and probably should have won them considering the state of the economy. You can make a bid for Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin and win those states back from Obama and show the country that Romney has the skills to strike back and be the most powerful man...