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An adrenaline charged action shooter with bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman

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An adventurous extravaganza in sparkling city of L.A., sprawling rocky lands like Grand Canyon ... More

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Published 8 Jul 2015

In case you aren't aware who the Ronnie Cop in the title is, the character is based on 8-time Mr Olympia bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman. Coleman started off as a regular sized police officer in Texas before developing into a 300lbs+ bodybuilder with an arsenal of fans globally. His fame has enabled him to develop his business to include a range of bodybuilding supplements as well as a line of apparel that is sold in stores all over the world. Now we have an adrenaline-fueled and very exciting game for iOS and Android that is right up there with the best.

Ronnie Cop is a spectacular action packed, running and shooting game that is set in LA, the Grand Canyon and the Amazonian forests of South America.

The Ronnie Cop game evolved from Ronnie Coleman's vast fan demand. It features exciting gameplay that is a mix of running, sliding, jumping and shooting and gives the player a rapid, roller-coaster action ride as well as 'one of a kind' gameplay experience. Ronnie's mission is to chase after and to take down thugs and bankrobbers and to bring them to justice. You play as the man himself and you can collect and use up to 10 power-ups to boost up your scores and upgrade Ronnie's health, fire power and power-ups with instore purchases to make his foes feel the wrath of his redemption. The game offers two different modes of gameplay - Survival mode and Tournament mode - to showcase your...