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RoomSketcher is a 3d home design software that allows you to design properties and create floor ... More

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Published 22 Feb 2014

The US housing market is well in the swing of recovery now after the trauma of the GFC a few years back. Houses are being built at an alarming rate all over America and this situation always leads to a hike in the home renovation business too. Add that to the plethora of reality renovation shows on TV these days and you have a market for an app like this one. RoomSketcher is a 3D home design application for amateurs and professionals that lets you design properties and create floor plans quickly and easily. It uses simple drag and drop technology to create, print and share your property or interior room and furnish it within minutes.
RoomSketcher think creating floor plans and home designs should be easy and fun and they have created an easy-to-use floor plan tool that provides real estate professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs with complete control over all their floor plan needs. Real estate agents, appraisers, homebuilders and property managers can quickly generate multiple high quality floor plans using our unique single source platform. The app has three price plans. Free, VIP ($49) and Pro ($99). The free version allows you to create a 3D home design and take snapshots of the property and generate floor plans. You can also have full access to the inbuilt catalogue of furnishings and fittings - perfect for people who want to have fun and visualize their remodeling ideas. The $49 VIP plan allows you to produce high quality, printable 2D and 3D floor plans, 3d images, panoramic room views and gives you complete compatibility with the RoomSketcher 360 mobile app. This version is perfect for you to manage you own property development or interior design project. Finally, the $99 Pro plan allows access to all features including the 3d walk with avatar and the ready-made floor plans service where a RoomSketcher Illustrator draws your project for you. It also has branding options and extra features and is excellent for professionals who will be working on a large number of properties throughout the year. RoomSketcher Home Designer is incredibly easy to use. With a familiar drag-and-drop user interface, drawing floor plans and placing furniture is simple. You can change colors on the walls, rearrange the furniture and take 3D snapshots. Using 3D Walk, you can fly over the floor plan or enter and walk around it just like in a game. Once you’re done, share your design with friends, family or clients on Facebook and Twitter or share on your blog. RoomSketcher is loved by consumers and is an essential feature to online real estate sales and marketing!
RoomSketcher is incredibly popular with real estate professionals, interior designers, property developers, contractors and enthusiasts because it is simple, fast and produces high quality designs. Despite its seeming complexity, the app is incredibly easy to use because pretty well everyone is familiar with drag and drop technology. Potential homebuyers and renters will also love the interactive features of the app. They can furnish their potential home with the ever-growing library of name-brand home furnishings, take 3D snapshots or navigate through the home with an avatar to truly visualize the property’s full potential. RoomSketcher really is the bees-knees of home design apps. The developers recommend that you start off with the free plan to see if you will like it - knowing full well that you will fall in love with it's flexibility and speed and efficiency and upgrade to get all the features on offer. I did!

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