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Published 9 Aug 2015

[cont'd] that updated the old one but used tablets that were mounted outside of conference rooms all centrally controlled via almost any platform. After much testing, they worked out that, unlike previous models, it was more efficient to have people look at a grid of rooms, chose the best one available and then pick a time to invite people. Using a website based system that works in harmony with onsite iPad and other tablet displays, Roomzilla provides quick and real-time access to room availability - simplifying the process of booking a conference room - whether planning weeks ahead or if hosting an impromptu meeting.

The best possible recommendation for Roomzilla comes from the users themselves, of course. After a couple of years of development and use, Roomzilla had begun to be used by the prestigious Massachusettes Institute of Technology and visitors who saw it in action there began to contact CIC, with a view to using it for their own conference room scheduling. From here on in, Roomzilla went from strength to strength. Now, with four or five years and various tweakings under its belt it has developed into a fully-fledged app for tablets of all kinds. It's beauty lies in its simplicity of use and its flexibility in tailoring it to the individual needs of each business. The developers consistently take on board customer feedback to improve Roomzilla and to make it the ultimate conference room management tool.