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Editor's review

Published 2 Dec 2011

Of the many weekly shift scheduling apps out there this one certainly looks to be up there with them as far as functionality goes with drag and drop features making the operation stress free and fast. If you’re still plotting your staff’s workload on a spreadsheet and then pinning it to the noticeboard you really should take a look at rotaville. You can still print out a copy of the weekly schedule if you like but with a good level of collaboration available on this system there are better ways to notify staff.

Once you have all of your staff details set up creating a schedule is easy. Using the clear main page diary just click on a day and relevant start time box and add names to it. The box can be expanded to cover as many hours as is required by clicking and dragging and also subsequently edited if circumstances change. The ability to clone shifts and scroll way into the future means schedules can be worked out well in advance.

Letting staff in on the fun is also a simple exercise and by inviting them to sign up will generate an email with the instructions. Once they’re on board they can view schedules, mark availability and generally see what’s lined up for them. Any changes to rotas are immediately notified to all staff involved.

The mobile version of the app makes it a really convenient way to keep everyone up to speed even when they’re not at work. All in all it has so many more possibilities than the tatty spreadsheet pinned to the wall!


This is a great looking app and a free one for the smaller organizations out there. It not only a great scheduler but also a place to keep employee details up to date and centralized. 

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