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A new travel app where you can handwrite, sketch and draw your surroundings as you go

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This app enables you to write Travelogues in your own handwriting.
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Published 29 May 2021

If there's one positive that comes out of this pandemic it could well be the rediscovery of our own country's sheer beauty. With little or no overseas travel possible or advisable in the foreseeable future, people are turning to places closer to home for their vacations. RV and caravan sales have gone through the roof as people have taken to the roads to see the majesty of Yosemite, the architecture of Savannah and the unmitigated joy of finding much of the country that may be off the beaten track just a little bit. It's reckoned that, since March last year, almost half of America's vast population has taken a trip somewhere and about 30% have a trip planned for this year - if they haven't taken it already. 

Naturally, when we travel around and find these hidden gems in our country we really want to tell others about them. Not only about the quaint little towns that we come across but also, places like the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo - a brash pink oasis on the road up from LA to San Francisco with 100 or so themed hotel rooms to stay in. The food is great and the rooms are outrageous. We have to tell others about it. There are a whole heap of travel apps out there where you can show your maps and tell your vacation story but, when we came across this excellent app, we realised that it had gone...