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A new travel app where you can handwrite, sketch and draw your surroundings as you go

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Published 29 May 2021

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RoutespunktNotebook is a wonderfully user-friendly travel app for iOS where you can map your journey and write your own travelogue in your own handwriting, illustrate all the things you saw along the way with your own sketches and drawings, pin photos of your favorite places and then share them with family, friends and the rest of the world via social media. However, this app isn't simply about detailing your own fascinating adventures to look back on in years to come. It also acts as a travel guidebook for others to view, to inspire and to enjoy. 

When you are mapping your trip and the route you are taking you can simply select where you start and where you finish. The app will create a dotted line route map for you. Search for a place or a point of interest along the way and the results will be displayed straight away. Add any other places of interest that you saw on your way and they will be there for both you and others to see. On your travels you can use the pencil tool to sketch what you see while the pen tool is available to create drawings with all colors available to you. You can even add floating text lines and photo images to further illustrate the places you come across. 


The one thing you will need to use RoutespunktNotebook is a personal Tomtom API key but that's easy...