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Published 4 Sep 2015

If you have been the unlucky person who has been put in charge of organizing a large group event online in the past you will probably know how much of a pain in the ass it can be. Just trying to get all the information you need to ascertain who is attending and getting their individual requirements together often involves several attempts to clarify the situation. Most people will use a site like Facebook to get people to commit but the only three options to the question 'are you attending?' are 'yes,' 'no' and 'maybe.' It's hardly the most comprehensive way of gathering everyone's input and you are still none the wiser as to who is actually going to show up on the day. Rozta is a new social productivity app for iOS that excels in organizing group activities for friends. Once you've created your event in group chat and sent it out to the invitees, you can easily decipher all the important information from their replies. You can now easily work out how many are coming and how much food to get in as well as dietary requirements, the best venue and even whether they've paid their share.

Rozta is a group roster for organizing activities and syncing with friends. Whenever you need to collect info from a group of people you can just create a new activity and invite people to sign up. Let's say you want to invite a group of friends over for dinner at a restaurant or a BBQ at your place. Just create an activity name along with a photo and some basic details and invite your friends to reply through the group chat. Friends can then simply access your page and let you know all the relevant details required. This will tell you how many people are coming, where they would prefer to eat, the dates that they are available and even show you if they've paid up front. If its a BBQ you are organizing, you can find out if they prefer meat, fish or vegan and, if its a 'bring a plate' event, you can ask them what food they are going to bring. Alternatively, you could be in charge of organizing a local sporting team and may need to organize a group buy to get the best price and correct sizes for clothing in order to get a volume discount. Just send your invites out to the group and you can ask your fellow team members and supporters the quantity they need as well as the style, size and colors they prefer. This group-edited roster is automatically updated and can be accessed anytime with all the vital information on one page. Organizers of activities must use an iOS device, but participants can use any device as they can open up the roster page on the mobile web.

Rozta makes life so much easier for the person organizing a large group of friends for an event. No more cut and pasting long lists of names, no more maybes on the numbers attending and, thank goodness, no more complicated spreadsheets to capture all the relevant details. All of the supplied information goes to a shared roster table that is constantly kept up-to-date. This means that there is no more having to hunt through Facebook replies or time consuming scrolling through screens to find out who is attending and who it was that promised to bring the potato salad. Rozta is the new, easy way to sync up your friends via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with an Android version to follow shortly.

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