Developer description

Saving over 100,000 articles, Rich grouping/filtering, Perfect article library!

RssBook is the most powerful reading app based on Google Reader.

1)Saving all the articles and local browsing.

-At first sync, save all the articles per feed. At next, sync only recent articles.
-Unlimited saving. Comfortable use over 100,000 articles.
-Local browsing articles in great speed.
-Fine control of sync setting.

2)Rich grouping and filtering.

-Grouped by feed, label, tag, author,date, starred....
-Filtered by unread, facebook like count, recent days....
-Every folder can be re-grouped or filtered.

3)Intuitive UI - Sliding Navigation.

-Universial app, separate UI for iPad and iPhone.
-iPad has sliding navigation - intuitive way of folder and article navigation. (similar to previous twitter iPad client UI)
-iPhone has simple but efficient navigation interface.

4)Socially binded.

-While syncing, facebook count also updated. displayed in article list.
-When reading article, it display socialbar for google+, twitter and facebook.
-Support social share.
-Will be enhanced even more in future release.

5)And more

-’Local Link’ feature: if a link is already stored in local, it load saved entry automatically.
-Image saving and gallery view.
-Article thumbnail generation.
-Extendable long press menu on webView (wikipedia, google search, user define...).
-Add a folder to root with custom grouping or fitering.

There are FREE version and PAID version of RssBook. The free version has exactly the same functionality as the paid version except it contains ads.

For overview video: (4minutes)
For screenshots:

Last updated 23 Oct 2012

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