Developer description

RTranslator is a simultaneous voice translation app based on Google APIs for speech recognition and translation.

The main feature of the app is the Conversation mode. In this mode, you can connect with another phone that uses this app. If the user accepts your connection request:

- When you talk, your phone (or the Bluetooth headset, if connected) will capture the audio.

- The audio captured will be converted into text and sent to the interlocutor's phone.

- The interlocutors' phone will translate the text received into his language.

- The interlocutors' phone will convert the translated text into audio and will reproduce it from its speaker (or by the Bluetooth headset of the interlocutor, if connected to his phone).

All this in both directions.

Each user can have more than one interlocutor so that you can translate conversations between more than two people and in any combination.

Both translation and speech recognition use Google's APIs to ensure the best possible quality.

Also, RTranslator works even in the background, with the phone on standby or when using other apps (only when you use Conversation or WalkieTalkie modes).

To use this app, you have to configure it. Also, the Google APIs on which the app is based are not free. When you create your account for the first time, you have a $ 300 voucher valid for one year, but after that, the APIs will no longer be free. Read the GitHub page for more details and a tutorial for the configuration (

Last updated 5 Mar 2021

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