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Rubberduck Journey is an extremely diverse and particularly community-oriented game - the next ... More

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Published 24 Aug 2021

It's kinda hard to believe that, considering just how far back computer games go, the runner game is a relatively new phenomenon. The first real endless runner game is generally considered to be a game called Canabalt back in 2009 but you can go back a few years to see its inspiration in a Korean game called Nom. Having said that however, my older gaming friends insist that they used to play something not dissimilar to a runner way back in the 80's. Anyway, now that we're in 2021 there have been a whole heap of runner games and they just keep getting better and better.

Rubberduck Journey is the latest incarnation in the evolution of the runner game. This free game for Android and iOS is an exciting mix of action and adventure with the added bonus of having a bit of a community feel to it. There are also a heck of a lot more things going on than there were in the days of Canabalt and Nom. The game takes you through a journey of the imagination and helps you improve your duck's range of abilities where, if it plays wisely, it can become a superhero, a unicorn, a policeman or a magician.

The simple way to explain the game is this. Your rubber duck has fallen into a raging river and will have to manoeuvre its way through the torrent whilst avoiding obstacles and keeping a look out for the enemy. The...