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Rugatu Q&A Community

Rugatu is a question and answer community based on bitcoin rewards. It allows users to obtain good results if they add a prize to any of their questions or tasks, so that other members feel rewarded for the time spent on documenting and and writing good answers.

The service was launched in beta, experimental, 9 June 2012 and had a higher level of hits than expected in the first days. Alex B (paraipan), one of the three founders, has been part of the bitcoin community for over a year, currently the spokesperson and project manager, says the launch was a success and is confident the project will become popular once bitcoin is known worldwide as currency on the Internet.

Similar projects have been launched by Google or other companies, but have had to be abandoned for lack of an infrastructure that allowed them to work with micro-payments. The novelty with Rugatu is the seamless integration with bitcoin so it can take advantage of micro-payments without fees for its users.

Such platforms enable anyone to save time when building up new knowledge if they have something to offer in return. As you know, money is nothing more than a measure of time and energy we spent on it, so that we all use our time to work on what we know, or have studied, to earn that money.

What if you need specialized help in something completely unknown? An immediate solution is to start investing our time to meet that need, the other would be to invest our money, we have gained in the regular work, to accumulate new knowledge in less time than we would do for ourselves.
How is it possible? With the help of a service like Rugatu to ensure the viability of this idea. Before its appearance bitcoin community also has seen rewards for questions or tasks, but when completed more than half didn't honor the promised rewards, which has taken their popularity at a minimum. Rugatu actually works as an "escrow" (deposit) service for questions or bounties, and ensures that both parties fulfill their part of promise.

The feasibility of this concept has been demonstrated by the same users in the first week after launch. A competition to improve Rugatu logo was created and had instant success in the community. It also shows the collaboration of ideas between several participants, who came to share the received reward in the end of the contest.

Alex tells us that the community has about 200 users right now, half of which are active every day. He hopes this will increase a lot more in the future if people see the potential for this type of services based on bitcoin.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015