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Developer description

RumbleTalk will give your visitors a further reason to stay on your site, and will allow them to promote your content with a click.
Users of RumbleTalk can create chats, design them and embed them in
their website, blog, games or Facebook fan page (it is pure HTML and
JS). Users may also choose to create public or private chats.
RumbleTalk offers a number of ready-made skins , or it can easily be
modified to match a website template. Using the simple admin
interface, Users may also change/ modify the look of a chat or change
the overall design at any time. Users can choose if they want the chat
to be a floating chat (like a tool bar), make it a part of a webpage,
or have it hosted on RumbleTalk’s servers, in which case a simple URL
can be used to invite people to participate in the chat.
Chat participants can forward parts of the conversation to twitter or
Facebook. RumbleTalk comes with an integral integrated spam filter and
moderator abilities to authorize and ban misbehaving users.
One of the best features of RumbleTalk is the ability to manage
different chats and monitor them all at once through the
administration dashboard. That is really practical when operating many
chat rooms at once.
RumbleTalk can be used for free (with ad’s). Some paid features exist
for high volume websites, but the basic service (as described above)
remains usable by everyone, everywhere.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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