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Samba Panda presents Run Crab Run

Tired of feeling like a fish out of water? Well, we invite you to jump right in; The water is nice and warm!

Join Mr. Crab and Mr. Fish in this epic underwater running adventure that will leave you begging your boss for longer lunch breaks.

Mr. Crab and Mr. Fish find themselves in a bit of trouble when they discover a treasure chest full of gold coins. Pretty cool right? WRONG!! Because this chest is rumored to be haunted by GHOST PIRATES!! Nasty,
mean and terrifying Ghost Pirates!! Oh No!!
It's up to Mr. Crab (with the help of Mr. Fish) to run as fast and far away from the "Ghost Pirates" as he can (or so he thinks).

Can you become the king of underwater running games? Only one way to find out, hit the beach, put on your swimming trunk and snorkel and get ready to RUN CRAB RUN!


Travel to fully 3D and unexplored ocean depths featuring a variety of unique levels while dodging and jumping over obstacles, searching for bottles and collecting starfish along the way. But beware of frisky blowfish and evil catfish, because these fish will make a crabs life very unpleasent along the way.

New updates coming soon with more items, enemies, levels and localization (french, german, spanish, portuguese, italian,...etc) and bla.


- Collect Starfish to buy cool items
- Beautiful and vivid 3d underwater environments
- fast, fun and addictive gameplay!
- Mr. Fishs underwater shop (no discounts)
- 100 achievements
- Concept art to unlock
- 18 unique collection items to find
- unforgetable characters
- track all your stats in a detailed stats screen
- catchy soundtrack
- multiple control settings
- Hours of underwater fun for the whole family
- Invisible Ghost Pirates!!!

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Last updated 13 Jun 2013