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Developer description

Create amazing presentations on iPad with Ruri. Put your thoughts on Ruri. It changes your thoughts into a great presentation. Ruri is for you if you ...
* need a new way to impress your audience
* need professional-looking slides but don't know much about design
* can’t afford time to take care of the looks of your presentation
* make presentation on the go
What’s good about Ruri
*Well-designed templates Ruri's well-designed templates let you focus on what you want to tell, not on how you want to show. Words and images you add will be in suitable places automatically so that you don't have to use your time just adjusting design.
*Unique and impressive design Your presentations will be different from those made with regular presentation tools. With its background movie and its refined design, you’ll wow your audience.
*Designed for iPad Ruri was designed to work perfectly on iPad. Because you can make presentations quickly with simple touches and gestures, you won’t feel the need to bring your PC. You can see your slides on a display connecting your iPad with a cable. You cannot export your slides to your other devices though, because Ruri is designed to make presentations only on iPad.

Last updated 18 Mar 2015

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