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Published 15 Apr 2013

While we aren't, by any stretch of the imagination, advocating self diagnosis here - there is certainly nothing wrong with being reliably informed. Especially where your health is concerned. That's why this medical and healthcare app for Android and iOS will be of great interest to a lot of FeedMyApp readers. RxWiki offers all the very latest health related news from all over the world so you can stay completely up-to-date with everything concerned with health, medications, current techniques and the breaking news topics that could matter to you most. Let's face it, if you are taking a medication given to you by your doctor in one country and then another country withdraws it on safety issues, you are going to want to know about it - fast!
RxWiki is a place for patients, put together by pharmacists. On first look, you might think that it is little more than a place to read the latest doctor-reviewed health news. But, not only does it give you the chance to stay completely up-to-date with all the breaking news covering the topics that matter most to you but it also gives you a neat little set of tools so you can save and organize the most interesting ones and even select a layout format so you can view all your articles and photos how you want to see them. You can highlights your most important and relevant health news and stay current with timely, doctor-reviewed news covering more than 110...