Developer description

Imagine an all-rounded, beautiful vision board that has the flexibility for anyone from any walks of life to create goals and plan ahead to achieve them. You will be able to empower & inspire yourself with galleries, rituals, motivational quotes & more. We, Mighty Bear Vibes, are huge advocates of having dreams and this app was created for people to get inspired to create magic and achieve what makes them happy.

How does it work?

✓ Add all your goals and dreams into a beautiful vision board

✓ Visualize your dreams and get a big picture of what you what to achieve

✓ Formulate a plan with steps and routines

✓ Get motivated with affirmations, motivation quotes and galleries

✓ Work on your steps and goals on your own time

✓ Look back on what you have accomplished

✓ Empower yourself with your favorite rituals or get ideas

Privacy Policy

☆ You own all your data
☆ Your data is stored in the internal storage of your device inaccessible by other applications
☆ Use phone lock system or in-app pin lock to authorize access to application
☆ We do not collect or store any personal data like email, name, images in our servers
☆ Only with your consent that is optional, we collect crash & usage data to improve our app
☆ Backup & restore your data in Google Drive (Beta)

Last updated 19 Feb 2021

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