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The complete management program that monitors and controls all of your kids device activity

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Published 25 Jun 2016

You might have seen an app review that FeedMyApp ran not so long back where we lamented the number of child monitoring apps that are appearing on the app market these days. It would appear that the more technically savvy we become, the more online danger looms - especially for more vulnerable users. Namely, our kids. There are now heaps of apps out there that offer everything from monitoring to video surveillance. However, there aren't that many that offer a complete service to oversee their children's online activities. Safe Lagoon not only protects our kids from harmful and inappropriate websites, it also offers a complete management program to monitor and control all of your kids device activity.

I guess the main difference between this and similar apps is that Safe Lagoon doesn't use the same old spyware to keep your kids safe. Rather than surreptitiously 'looking over your child's shoulder' the app is designed as a set of tools to assist parents in helping their children navigate their way through an often dangerous online world. Apart from simply blocking inappropriate sites from your kids eyes on the Internet, the app also controls time limits for Internet use, monitors SMS on all the obvious messaging and social networks, blocks certain apps and games, tracks your child's location and monitors incoming calls and messages.

When you first install the app you will be asked whether you are installing on the child's or the parental device because the one app works for both parties.The parental version lets you control all the elements of your child's online activities in real time from the palm of your hand. From here you can easily block a site or limit the amount of time that your child spends online. When they have reached their limit the child is informed with a friendly message and they have the opportunity to ask you for a little more time to finish off their task.

Safe Lagoon monitors instant messaging on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger and more as well as keeping an eye on network activity on everything from YouTube to Instagram. Know where your kids are all the time by creating a virtual perimeter of activity. As soon as they leave that designated area you will be informed. You can block unsuitable apps and games completely and, if your child is contacted by a stranger via SMS or phone call, you'll be contacted straight away.

Safe Lagoon is a well rounded app for iOS, Android and Web that allows parents to set healthy limits on their children's app and Internet usage while protecting them from online predators. One of the big problems of Internet monitoring has always been that the kids are more technically savvy than their parents. This one features an easy to use interface that even your Luddite granny can come to terms with pretty easily. What's more, it works on any device, any time and anywhere - giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to your kids’ safety. Oh, and one last thing that's useful to know. Unlike similar apps, Safe Lagoon doesn't require parents to put their children's devices at risk by using 'rooting' methods on Android or by  'jailbreaking' your iOS device. Apps that use those techniques can cause irreparable harm to the device. Safe Lagoon is available now for free on all formats and all devices. However, there are a couple of priced plans available - the highest being just five bucks per month - that give you more and extended features.

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