Developer description

Do you have sensitive files you would like to password-protect but don’t know how? With Safeplicity, you can password-protect AND encrypt all your confidential files in just a few clicks, without any IT skills whatsoever. To protect a folder, you simply right-click on it, choose “Protect with Password” and choose a password. That’s it. From now on, whenever you try to open your folder (as usual – through Windows Explorer), you will be asked for a password.

Your folders are protected immediately, without any delay, whilst background encryption kicks in, in the background.

If you have data you would like to make completely disappear, you can use the “Protect and Hide” option. With this feature, your folder will not only become password protected, but completely invisible, so no one even knows it is there!

- Immediate protection, without any delays
- Background encryption encrypts your data with unbreakable 256bit AES encryption
- Integrated into Windows Explorer
- No new software to learn. Requires absolutely no IT skills
- Automatic locking
- Keep files in place
- Protect entire folder structure
- Protects everything – computers, USB sticks, external hard drives etc.
- Password reminders

Last updated 23 Sep 2016

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